Commercial Property

Commercial Property Management

The effective results of PROPER’s Commercial Management are threefold:

Increasing the Property’s Value

Enhancing the Property’s Brand Reputation

Maximizing ROI each Year for Client

Comprehensive Services:

PROPER has relationships with and/or selects licensed, insured vendors and contractors (ie:  landscaping, repairmen, painters, plumbers, snow removal, etc). This increases profitability, affects bottom line with quality work, lowers rates, and avoids any business disruption for your daily work. We ensure that vendors/contractors are timely, service is delivered satisfactorily.

Through regular site visits and small sign postings with our contact info help keep vigilance on the building’s condition. This also keeps tenant communication directly with PROPER. We are preemptive and prepared to deal with any and all issues.  In dealing with contractors and managing needed issues or repairs, we direct and oversee the work has been properly and completed at the agreed-on rate.

At year end, we look at all the money and costs in maintaining the common areas of the building.  We look at the accounting of total charges and consider any needed improvements (present or near future) like repaving, roofing, etc.  We reserve any capital expenses.  Not every tenant requests a CAM Reconciliation or year-end reporting, but PROPER delivers this upon request.  Any extra money goes to you as the building owner.

We keep a close eye on our energy, water, etc spend and usage.  And inform you on how it is impacting the building.  Specifically, we identify any wastage occurring and track the data history of usage to potentially save where we can, and your time.

We ensure that the building is up to date on all safety regulations. We contract and work with highly professional safety and fire inspectors, and coordinate their required site visits.  Through this we also ensure the building is OSHA compliant at all times.

PROPER has attorney-approved paperwork and procedural protocol to oversee evictions.  We also oversee owed rents, negotiate on your behalf, and collect.  We have legal counsel to confirm and advise how to get necessary remuneration.

PROPER is the point of contact for tenant needs, concerns, etc.  This is clearly established, so that your work is never disrupted.  We send out the monthly invoices and collect rents.  We are proficient in marketing, finding, screening, and securing quality tenants

Year-end, we look at the asset’s ROI, cash flow, and its overall performance.  We consider areas of cutting or improvement in profitability.  We also look at opportunities for revenue growth and then adjust for the next year.

We have an initial on-boarding meeting with you where a clear vision and breadth of the building’s potential earnings as an asset are defined. We give our counsel from vast experience (by request). From this meeting, we learn: a. Your business forecast for the property as an asset b. Defined property goals for the year c. Have exact Revenue and Expenses, (with little room for variance) During the year, even monthly, we analyze the details and anticipate/plan on seasonality impacts, timing issues, etc . At Year end, we meet and go over the Operating Budget meticulously.

We keep you informed and aware of vendor bids, and gain approval on issues/repairs that are more than a certain predetermined amount we establish.

We are on call for emergencies and are promptly responsive.

Proactive. Proficient. Proven.

That is PROPER Service.

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PROPER provides full service real estate and property management for every kind of property and real estate transaction. We pride ourselves in providing proactive, proficient, and proven expertise in every aspect. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.