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Your rental home/condo is an important asset that deserves PROPER attention and management. While the property can be financially rewarding, it can also demand a lot of time and effort.  Even if you live relatively close to your rental, devoting several hours per month to it can take you away from your own profession, family, and leisure.

PROPER Delivers The Greatest Results For Your Rental Income Property

Here is how:

We are in the market daily and conduct regular analysis to know what kind of demand your property has. There is a science in maintaining a very low vacancy rate, while maximizing monthly income.

With high-definition pictures, property tours, and compelling ad materials, we know how to give your home a quality brand and create demand for it. Through smart and expansive marketing, we will increase the potential tenant pool and find the ideal tenants.

Discerning responsible people, performing proper background checks, asking the right find-out questions, verifying stable employment, gathering usable feedback from previous landlords, and securing good tenants is a highly developed skill-set unique to PROPER.

With every aspect from finding to signing tenants; then assisting, delivering, dealing, and holding tenants accountable are all time-intensive and sensitive. We handle both routine and emergency maintenance, coordinate property inspections, and manage all interactions including conflict resolutions.

Securing rent payments can be a challenge without experience or PROPER practice systems. And this can be awkward for owners. We are proficient and effective in our collection methods. Cash flow is crucial to you and we understand this.

Maintenance workers, tradesmen, contractors, suppliers, and vendors are important pieces to efficient property management. Our contractors are honest, timely, and top quality—and we have a reciprocity that is mutually beneficial. We keep them busy, they in turn give good quality work and fair rates. You can trust PROPER to supervise every maintenance project with expertise.

There are numerous laws and regulations to abide by when operating a rental property. From local, HOA, to city permitting, Utah, and federal laws (fair housing regulations like ADA), these can overwhelm and even intimidate would be rental owners/investors. We help you navigate through all the red tape and keep your property compliant.

It is a challenge to manage one property, but as you grow your rental business, it becomes almost impossible unless you become a property management company. By hiring PROPER, you retain your time and money to invest however and wherever without being bogged down with tedious management issues.

This allows you to maximize the profitability of your own time and money. A simple opportunity cost principle, your time is best used focusing on what you do well and not being distracted/disrupted by your investments. Especially with our low industry fee, you’ll in effect save money (when factoring the otherwise loss of your time and opportunity cost). If you look closely at the PROPER logo, you’ll see the acronym “ROI”. This is the very reason why you have a rental investment property, and we pride our business in getting you the highest return possible.

Proactive. Proficient. Proven.

That is PROPER Service.

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